Looking to work more wellfully  
with more focus, connection, intention,  inspiration, alignment, purpose, health & sustainability.

Our owner and Wellbeing at Work Advocate Charlotte Marie

dedicates her time to not only coaching and designing work shops,

but writing highly useful (not to mention witty) books about how you can easily implement health and well behaviors into your life.

Here's what she has to say...


Work, Love & Life

If you're thinking typical self-help, don't. Sometimes you need to think outside the box,

to help get you out of that box
you are in. 

From the mind (and heart) of our very own Charlotte Marie, the delightful Balancing Work (Love) & Life offers an insightful, witty and self-exploratory look at your wellbeing in the context of work, (love) & life. Working with academic research from both the Business and HR disciplines, as well as relevant work-life experience, this companion includes five colourful books, each providing a deeper understanding of wellbeing, balance and performance with tools to help you
achieve them all.