Need to business brain dump?

Would love a second opinion?

Curious as to how it's done?

Looking for behind-the-scenes support?

Sometimes owner confidence renews itself by having someone to bounce ideas and problems with; someone whose experience helps you see the blocks and possibilities for you, your business and brand. Bringing together my experience and studies in Business, HR, Branding and Creativity, I consult and coach in person or online. After our complimentary initial consultation, we establish a focus and a schedule that works around your needs and objectives.

From creative project support through to every day business questions, this service is about creating a safe environment for you to ponder, learn and grown, so that you can truly do your best work. Ideas, advice, help and a cheerleader, coaching and support services cover it all. 




From weekly to monthly, these sessions are always 2 hours long to give you enough time to debrief and enough time for us to strategize and build new skills together. 

Common areas discussed include:

- Second opinions on questions

- Idea development

- Leadership behavior advice

- Employee management support

- Issues management

- Problem solving

- Communication Skill Development

- Creative ideation 

- Creative project support 

- Wellbeing & Self Care




I have had the privilege of sharing my thoughts and experiences with both Australian and American business audience groups. 

From panels & industry seminars to private workshops and creative hubs, I bring together an interactive learning experience that I hope inspires minds and builds beneficial working behavior.

Key Topics for Workshops / Speaking

1. Branding & Business Creation - Full Day / Course

2. Branding & Business Behavior - Full Day / Course

3. Creative Leadership - 2 Hours

4. See Differently (Creative Skills) - 2 Hours

5. Working From Home - Behavior Learning - 2 Hours

6. Wellbeing, Anxiety, Performance & Work - Full Day / Course


Step forward with
confidence & motivation.