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Thinking about starting a business?

Ready to start a business?

In the process of starting a business?


Great! This is my favorite kind of work.

Locally and globally, I have supported business-curious peeps (just like you) in turning their ideas and visions into meaningful, profitable and sustainable brands. This is not graphic design, but a process that brings together the latest best practice in Business, HR and Branding to explore both the behaviors and brand personality of your new business.

It's a perfect blend of left brain strategy and right brain creativity and I love every part of it, as I know you will too. So take a peep below at what this work might include, and some businesses I have helped create, then let's have a chat about how I can bring your ideas to life beautifully!

Bringing a business to life isn't about designing a logo in a color you love (although this is very fun!). Brands which truly resonate, are those which genuinely inspire staff and clients around a meaningful business vision.


Together we will build those essential foundations that give confidence and motivation to your ideas, voice and actions 
- as an owner and a business. 


When we work together on Business & Brand Creation, it's an inspiring and collaborative exploration of the core brand areas your new business must consider. Over a series of coffee interviews, planning sessions, group ideation sessions, and my own strategic work, we develop business areas such as:

- Objectives, Market, Product & Audience.

- Brand Strategy.

- Business Structure & Processes (e.g. staffing structures & customer experience).

- A strategic and creative Business Name.

- Brand Design Systems (i.e. Logo, Colors, Fonts, Imagery Style and graphics). 

- Website Structure, Journey, Content & Creation.

- Marketing Chanels - ideas, content & design.

- Job Descriptions based on structure and brand.

- Staff Development Programs based on brand and goals.

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inspires you every day.