Things feeling a little stale?

Your brand isn't as vibrant as you'd like it to be? Finding it hard to feel confident in your decisions? The way your business is behaving is running you down?


Perhaps it's time for a re-fresh.

Working with your original business and life vision, and the hard work you've already put in so far, I carefully assess what's getting in your way. Sometimes the answer is designing a refreshed brand or website, at other times it's one-on-one coaching to give your business beneficial tools and processes. Whatever the solution, it's about moving you forward on a path that feels much, much better.

So take a peep below at what this work might include, and some of the businesses I have helped
, then let's have a chat about what needs to be refreshed in your world.

Sometimes business life feels a little drab. You may be frustrated with your website, struggling with next steps and decisions, or feeling deflated because your business doesn't quite feel like your beautiful vision. Whatever your reason for a refresh, I am here to help.


A collaborative exploration of your original business vision, market, audience, product and current business behaviors to mould it into a happier and healthier space. All projects are fully customized to specific business needs, and include interviews, workshop and behind-the-scenes work such as:

- Ideation Sessions + Exploration

- An updated brand strategy 

- A new name

- Refreshed brand design

- Leadership behavior coaching

- Revised staffing structure & behavior

- Team development & culture alignment

- A refreshed website and/or social media presence.

Woman in an Office

“Working with Charlotte and The Little House of Big Things was a transformative and energising experience for Artereal. Charlotte was instrumental in working with us on a new branding strategy and helping us to clarify who we are and what we do. The insights that her process helped us to reach have been invaluable and will be instrumental in the way we now work and operate on both a micro and macro level.


Charlotte has helped us to know ourselves, our beliefs and our goals in a new way. She has provided a real injection of energy and clarity. Throughout our time working with her, Charlotte has always been beyond professional and committed, whilst also bringing warmth, passion and attention to detail to everything she does.”

 Rhianna Walcott -Associate Director, Artereal


Feel good about
the work that you do