Is your public persona important to your successAre you confused about how you should present yourself? Are you ready to be you but not sure where to start?

Whether your personal brand is linked to a business or is your business, strategic structure will immediately create clarity, relief and opportunity around your behavior. But what's essential is that these structures FEEL like you - no body wants a Britney disaster. 

As such, personal branding is a delicate process of strategy and connection. Through a mix of consulting and behind-the-scenes work, together we find and structure the ideal positioning from your personal brand... and then bring you to life! 

One of the big questions in branding is where the owner's personality (personal brand) sits in conjunction with the business. And from this, how the owner should behave and present themselves in public.

I work with entrepreneurs, public personas and business owners to build useful (and meaningful) guides around how they can present themselves in whatever space or industry they operate, without impacting negatively on their business portfolio.


Your brand


Over a collection of tea & chats, interviews, planning sessions, ideation sessions, and my own strategic work, we develop personal branding structures such as:

- Audience definition.

- Vision, goals and values.

- Market challengers and aspirers.

- Positioning and personality.

- Wardrobe and appearance

- Office & environment

- Brand design systems where needed

- Descriptor language 

- Social Media approach

- Core messaging

- Ideas and opportunities

“Working with Charlotte and The Little House of Big Things was a transformative and energising experience for Artereal. Charlotte was instrumental in working with us on a new branding strategy and helping us to clarify who we are and what we do. The insights that her process helped us to reach have been invaluable and will be instrumental in the way we now work and operate on both a micro and macro level.


Charlotte has helped us to know ourselves, our beliefs and our goals in a new way. She has provided a real injection of energy and clarity. Throughout our time working with her, Charlotte has always been beyond professional and committed, whilst also bringing warmth, passion and attention to detail to everything she does.”

 Rhianna Walcott -Associate Director, Artereal